Simple Know-How’s that would Drive Traffic to Your Website


People from a different era seemed to rely on the basic sources of information. It used to be the newspapers, the television or even the radio. However, in today’s paperless and internet-reliant society, we rely heavily on the technology of the internet to give us the information we need when we need them. So a lot of writers and business owners have now shifted to a more modern means of putting themselves out there, by creating websites offering information that the people need. That is also why people who are just beginning this transition need to know how to reach out to more people. This article is to show them what they could do to drive traffic to their website.

Perhaps it may seem that all of these sound pretty simple. You may think that just about anyone can actually convince people to view their websites. However, this is not always the case. The internet has a lot of room for competition. With so many blogs and websites out there offering the same information as you, it may not be as easy as you think to drive traffic to your website. It is not a concern, however, whether people can actually gain more audience. It is more of a concern whether these people know how to do it.

If you are a business owner, you have more to gain if you know how to target the right market and disseminate the information to them. You will soon know just how important it is to drive traffic into your blog or your website.

In order to do this, you need to ensure a good landing page where the right information about your products and services are shown. When you have this done, you can now concentrate on ensuring that viewers will get to see what you have to offer. And to do that, here are some tips for you:

1. Social Networking – Tons of networking sites have increased the viability of blogs and webpages because these are people who are friends with other people and referrals just begin to flow. It is an extremely powerful too that would help build traffic into your website. If you don’t currently belong to one, then you must sign up now and reap the benefits.

Practical advice on your Facebook account:
– please stop posting nice kittens (I like kittens by the way) or stupid quotations images
– create a Facebook page for your product or service
– look into sponsored posts and targeted ads since with Facebook ads you can target by interest, job, area etc.
– create a Facebook group and invite people within your industry to share their ideas, make new connections and get more business (Invite people to this group by using Facebook as your page previously created. People will see your page first and they will join your group if interested in. Keep posting to them!)
– the problem with Facebook: people are in entertainment mode on Facebook. They will never buy on Facebook. The only thing and the best thing you can do is to send them to your website.

2. Blogs – Look for people with an important voice in this industry. Contact them and ask if they’d be willing to write about you – for a cost or not. If they don’t do that kind of thing, you can always purchase a static banner ad on their site.

3. Industry forums – Ohh, yeah, people are still using forums on the Facebook era!
How to find your industry forums? Nothing is that simple: just search Google for your one word main keyword location forum (e.g.: trucking united states forum)
What to post on forums? No sale pitch! Nobody likes them. Post information and advice only. That’s what people is searching for on the forums. And, offer them something for free! Everybody loves freebies.

4. Mini-newsletter and micro site – Don’t make the mistake and place the Order Now button here. The micro site should tease the visitor to find out more. It is not intend to make sales.
Ideally create the micro site 1 or 2 months before the launch date of your new product or service.
The micro site purpose is to:
– showcase your product / service
– send the visitors to a place where they can find out more. Your micro site is NOT replacing your website, it is a landing page for your marketing efforts
– allow you to create buzz around your next launch
– collect information about your leads: their name, occupation, email address. Always take their email address and ask for permission to send them promotional emails
– always put Google Analytics‎ on your micro site and don’t forget to look / interpret the stats
Note: attach a blog to the micro-site! It will drive traffic to it.

5. Any good place where your competition is, it is as good as gold. Learn how to improve your search presence.
Researching your competition is a must of any today’s marketing strategy. Try to get back links from the same websites. Attention! I didn’t say all websites where they are!
You’ll need some tools that can make your life easier: website audit tools, link building tools, keywords suggestion tools, competitor spy tools and so on. For a fast access to these tools you may open a trial account for SEO with

6. Post everywhere: It’s all about how you post your ad. If you ask for permission to introduce your product or ask for an opinion, people will be more flexible to your ad than if you’re posting something as “Buy now my service! 50% off! Special deal!!!” Remember: Everybody hates that Viagra spam type of ad!
Don’t forget about: your email signature, voice mail message, promotional articles, YouTube videos, review and press release websites etc.

Hopefully now you have the tools that would drive some traffic to your website.