Express Waybill

Is managing your daily operations too time-consuming for your already busy schedule? Express Waybill trucking dispatch software could be the solution you’re looking for!

Express Waybill is an innovative trucking dispatch system, 100% web-based software, a driver and fleet management tool, and an invoicing system adapted for the trucking business. Included is a free mobile app (iOS and Android) for your drivers.

xDriver mobile app

Free iPhone & Android app for drivers (fully integrated with Express Waybill Dispatch).

Innovative and Efficient Trucking Dispatch
that’s easy to understand at first sight!

Real-Time Trucking Dispatch Software

Easily dispatch orders by making appointments. View available drivers and fleet. Add movements to your orders as they happen. Quickly duplicate waybills and save time on Data Entry.

Orders Management & Invoicing System

Advanced order management system & order search engine with 12 search criteria. Create PDF invoices from your delivered waybills and keep track of your customer payments.

Free mobile apps for all your drivers

The xDriver mobile app makes it easier & quicker to deliver information to your ‪‎drivers‬. Get your customer’s signature (as P.O.D.) on the driver’s mobile device and view the signature instantly on the ‪‎dispatcher screen.

Dedicated Support & Emergency Support

We take pride in the Dedicated Support we offer which includes an on-app support email ticketing system, on-site personnel training and/or video remote support, plus a 24/7 emergency phone number you can call.

One thing is clear:

Nowadays trucking businesses can't survive without a good truck dispatch software solution.

The old way of doing business by having a smart guy knowing everything and using of the Excel files is not working anymore.

Why it’s not working anymore you may ask yourself? Well, that’s the plain and simple answer … read more on Express Waybill