Improve your search presence

There is no more a secret that Google improves search results by aggregating information about your business from all over the web.

The top 4 simple tips that can help you improve the SEO for your business:


1. Make sure your business is listed in all important online directories
You don’t need to be listed on all online directories but be sure your business is listed in the oldest ones with a good PR rank:, Best of the Web Directory, DMOZ Open Directory, Yahoo Directory, Yellow Pages, and so on.
You may use a SEO service such as SEO profiler to monitor your backlinks from these directories.


2. Review your social media strategy
Nowadays it’s very hard to focus on the right things to do. There are too many social websites and new ones continue to appear every day and trying to model after the success of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. Not to remember all of them: Pinterest, VK, Instagram, Flickr, Meetup, ClassMates, Foursquare… In fact, if you focus on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will be more than enough to get a good search presence. Getting people reviews on your Google+ page may help but I think it is not that important.

Make your life easier and link social media accounts. Posting once a week about your REAL updates (I mean when you have something to say…) as discounts, related industry news or new products is the best practice.


3. Don’t forget your local search optimization
Ordinary people are searching by their location. (E.g. Pizza in San Francisco) So include your location on your contact page, page titles, H1 tags or internal URLs


4. Add and verify your website in Webmaster Tools. Here are some tips (from Google Webmasters Tools) to help you get the most of this free service and maximize your site performance on Google Search:


a. Add all your website versions
Make sure you add both “www” and “non-www” versions for your site. Also, if you use the HTTPS protocol, add those variations as well.

b. Select your preferred version
Choose whether you want your site to appear with or without “www” in Google Search.

c. Select target country
Set your geographic preference if your site targets users in a specific country.

d. Share access with co-workers
If you want other people to access your reports, you can add different access levels.

e. Submit a sitemap file
This helps Google better understand how to crawl your site.