I need to SEO! Yes, but how? Who? What to do?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is a “real beast”. Nobody likes long stories, so I will keep it short.

First of all, your SEO must be done in an organized manner, having well-defined objectives into an SEO plan.
SEO is not a product that you buy and use it. It is more like a service and you need to use it continually in order to have some effects on your objectives.

How effective is the SEO for your business?
Well, this depends on a multitude of factors, some of them depending on your SEO actions, some of them are independent of your SEO efforts. Some factors influencing your SEO: the chosen keywords to optimize for,
your competition and their actions, your market (the size of your niche and the ease/hard market access), your SEO budget and so on.

As a first SEO plan you may have:
1. Setup of your objectives and a working plan.
2. Website analysis and what you need to do to achieve your objectives.
3. Keywords analysis. A very important step. A wrong chose of the keywords may lead to an inefficient SEO.
4. On-page implementation: Content changes, website structure changes, website layout changes.
5. Off-page optimization: website promotion on specialized websites for your market (get backlinks, blog, and social media posts,
directories registrations: general directories, local directories, specialized directories)
6. Create “landing pages” for your SEO objectives. For example, an email campaign can focus one service you are offering.
The landing page for this campaign shouldn’t be your website home page but a special page created for this purpose.
7. Create free and informative content for your website visitors. The chance your visitors turn into customers stay in free content.
Everybody loves the free and good stuff!
8. Having a monthly report of any SEO action has been taken, the analysis of the SEO results is a must.
You have to know what you have paid for, isn’t it?
9. You think this is enough? Great! Now, start again from point 1. No kidding.

The most important thing you must know: Nobody, but nobody, can say “I will put you on the first page of Google!”. SEO may influence the search results but can’t control it.

As you see, it is complicated work and takes a lot of resources and time. For the time implementation, you must think about 4 to 6 month, on first hand.

Who should I work with?
My advice is to find a local SEO company. The are many companies landing on SEO and pretending they know what to do to “put you on the first page of Google”.
I got this SPAM every day. In SEO terms, it is better to make no optimization at all than doing wrong things or things against the Google Terms.
How to chose? In any case, do not hire somebody that you can’t see in person.
Ask them to provide you with at least 2 examples of their work. More exactly, the client website name, and at least 2-3 keywords they have optimized this website for. Then, go to Google and search these keywords and look up for their customer name.

How much will this cost?
The SEO charges differ from company to company, but normally, they can’t and shouldn’t work more than 5 to 10 hours per month on your project.
Multiply 5-10 hours by their hourly rate and you will find out how much you have to monthly spend on SEO.
You need to understand that there are additional costs that have to be paid. For example, registration fees to paid directories or daily checks of your rankings.

What should you get?
Your SEO company should present you a detailed monthly report with all the costs, including their service, additional charges, and their description, the actions they took and their description (creating a landing page for…, content optimization and how, content promotion and where, social media posts and where, etc.), the SEO analysis reports such as Website audit report, Link Profiler report, Ranking Monitor report, Keyword research reports, Backlink reports.

Even SEO work is hard to exactly quantify, what’s important is to have clear objectives, a monthly SEO report and a monthly analysis of your SEO progress.