Five Proven Traffic Strategies to Beat your Competition

SEO Techniques to beat your competition

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The primary objective of SEO is to help a website rise up the ranks on search engine results pages (SERP). This is achieved by generating an increased volume of targeted traffic to the website in question. However this traffic should come organically through the search engines.


Some of the key factors that need to be taken into consideration in this regard are:

  • Optimized Content
  • Keywords that have to be targeted
  • Backlinks from High PR or relevant websites on the internet
  • The use of relevant keywords in various aspects of on page optimization like title tags, Meta tags and headings.
  • Dedicate a separate page for each targeted keyword.
  • On page content should be optimized with a balanced use of the targeted keyword.
  • If you are selling things then make sure you have a range of products or services that are associated with your core business.


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Now, it is important to consider all these things, but it is essential to proceed by using the right strategies. Here are five most important SEO strategies that will help you stay head and shoulder above your competition.


1. Keyword Research:


Always start by conducting a keyword research to find the most profitable and relevant keywords that you should be targeting. Google has a free excellent keyword research tool which you should be using. Make a search using a single keyword from which you will be able to derive 2 word keywords and then a number of long tail keywords that are relevant to your niche.


2. On-page Optimization:


Next you should work on a number of on page optimization contents. This would involve making use of your keywords in on page content, title tags, description tags, Meta tags. You should do this for the images and videos on your website as well. Here are few important points to remember for on-page optimization.


  • The title should be less than 65 characters. Write a separate relevant title for each keyword and attempt to make use of it in the first portion of the primary key for each page.
  • Make use of LSI phrases. It is recommended to limit your self to using only 5 keywords per page.
  • In the Meta tags you should put LSI keywords around the primary keywords.
  • Make use of important and trusted links using your chosen keywords.
  • Add alt and title to your images making sure you use relevant names.


Optimization is essential, and here are few other important considerations for optimization.

  • Make a competitor LSI keyword research. This will give you an idea of your competitor’s efforts for search engine optimization.
  • Use simple words for description and title.
  • Your Home Page should be the best page and hence it is important to pay attention to detail as this is the page that will generate sales for you. Similarly your home page should be highly optimized for search engines.
  • Interactive pages like news, blogs and videos add value to a website. Having your own blog with the website is also an excellent SEO strategy.
  • Provide your visitors with valuable free content leaving them wanting to come back for more.
  • It is recommended to have a professional website but to limit the use of flash and animation.
  • Add a sitemap and a robot.txt file to your website.


3. Backlinks still matters:


You can not improve your traffic or ranking without the help of backlinks. Backlinks should be built naturally over a period of time. If someone tells you that they can guarantee a number One position in Google, run and hide from them…they want only your money. Never buy in bulk directory submissions or traffic.


But, the question remains, how the backlinks can be build? The answer is quite simple.


Submit to:


  • manual submit to directories like DMOZ, Yahoo Business,,,, Web World directory and so on. They are all old directories and have a high PR.
  • submit to Article directories like, and so on
  • post on popular forums (related to your niche) and use your signature files
  • use paid links on blog or websites with high traffic


  • Request link exchange with websites related to your niche.
  • Recommend sources, search for links page and partners.
  • Search for link directory in Google
  • Search for websites to link to in article directories like


The important thing to understand when it comes to link building is that the sheer quantity of links is not the only thing that matters. Rather the authority and reputation of the source from which you will be getting the link also plays a fundamental role. This is why experts say that one good backlink from an authoritative website is more valuable than 100 weak links.


Moreover, you should do few things to get better results from link building. For instance, you should always attempt to make use of your keywords in the backlinks wherever possible. Also, make sure that the banklinks are pointing to internal pages of your website as this would help to get your entire website indexed. Lastly, you should also attempt to get your links in your competitor’s websites.


4. Press Releases:


Make use of press releases. Here are few important tips in this regard.

  • Excellent resource for generating high quality backlinks
  • Use free press release distribution services like
  • Search for other distribution sites on Google
  • Key point to remember is that press releases are not articles or advertisement and hence must be written accordingly.
  • Also make use of offline media like newspapers, radio and TV to promote your press releases.


5. Study your competition and model their success:


Getting familiar with strategies used by your competition is a vital strategy. Here, you can make use of Google allinanchor. But, few other things should also be taken into consideration. For instance:

  • See who is linking back to their website. You should attempt to get same links from the same sources to your website.
  • Monitor your competitor’s SEO efforts and whether they are using: articles, press releases or link exchange to rise through the ranks.
  • You can conduct this research for free hence no need to go for a paid automated program.
  • If you do intend to make use of a paid tool then check out SEO Profiler. It’s simply the best of SEO tools.
  • Doing it manually entails some effort but pays off in the end.


Closing thoughts:


The important thing to understand is that there is no magic formula that can be used to get to number one in your niche. Since search engine algorithms keep changing on a daily basis, SEO strategies have to be modified accordingly. Ideally you should be focusing on both on page and off page optimization. Remember not to lose patience and stick with white hat ethical SEO strategies only and you need to do this consistently. Lastly you should never pay to acquire back links as this would run the risk of getting your website banned by Search engines. So, make use of these five strategies and you are sure to get good results.